Studien zur romanischen Sprachwissenschaft 

und interkulturellen Kommunikation. 

Estudio sobre lengua, cultura y cognición. 

Gerd Wotjak, Dolores García Padrón, María del Carmen Fumero Pérez (eds.)

Frankfurt am Main, Peter Lang, 2012

This book, which gathers seventeen contributions, investigates some lexical and textual aspects in the «sacred texts» – like the Bible in its several textual traditions, and the Qur’an-, particularly those elements that serve to provide the textual structure with a lexical-semantic framework. These contributions have been focused on several linguistic aspects: etymologies, loanwords, the symbolic or figurative values of the terms used in the text, the syntagmatic potential of the words, and the literary reflection of the terms like the basic reading of the text and its subsequent comprehension.

Contributors: Boud’Hors, Anne; Corriente, Federico; Elwolde, John; Feder, Frank; Geiger, Gregor; Al-Jalland, Nader; Jiménez Bedman, Francisco; Joosten, Jan; Krivoruchko, Julia G; Lenzi, Giovanni; Martínez Delgado, José; Monferrer-Sala, Juan Pedro; Nickel, Gordon; Pazzini, Massimo & Pierri, Rosario; Spurling, Helen; Torallas Tovar, Sofía; Urbán, Ángel.